Transforming Education, Saving Lives…Reducing Costs

Bringing Evidence-Based Education, Practice, and Evaluation to ALL Learners

NovEx presents an innovative, interactive program that compels the development of clinical thinking and good judgment to better prepare practice-ready clinicians. NovEx has proven to save more lives and reduce hospital costs.
NovEx  provides content that uniquely address the urgent recommendations of the Carnegie Foundation, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation with the Institute of Medicine, the Macy Foundation, the Quality & Safety for Education of Nurses, and the Lancet Commission. All are urgently calling for radical transformation in educating professionals. NovEx helps hospital and academic educators immediately respond to this call with a pedagogically sound educational method for integrating classroom and clinical learning.


  • Latest Evidence Based Practice               
  • Highly Interactive                                            
  • Hundreds of “unfolding” authentic Patient Cases         
  • Reduces Cost of Hospitalizations
  • Teaches & Validates Best Practices